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Online appointments for pet parents : how does it work ?

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Go to Vetolib and find a vet

Make an online appointment with your vet or find a vet near you.

You'll find a great number of vets to take good care of your pet on Vetolib (dogs, cats, new pets: rodents, birds, reptiles, fishes…).

Emilie L. a pris rdv

Emilie L. and Ferret (Ferret)

Make an online appointment with the vet of your choice

Select the date and time slot that suit you best and the type of consultation for your appointment with a vet. (Duration may differ depending on the consultation type)

Raphael P. a pris rdv

Raphael P. and Cavalier King Charles (Dog)

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Your appointment is confirmed. Last step : bring your pet to the vet !

Vetolib will send you a confirmation e-mail and a reminder 24 hours before the appointment with your vet.

Mathilde M. a pris rdv

Mathilde M. and Siamois (Cat)


Discover us and our online appointment system !

Save time, renew your customer base, reduce the number of unfulfilled appointments and bring an innovative service to pet owners through online appointments !



Refer your vet to Vetolib !

You wish to book an online appointment with your vet and he isn't part of our network yet ...

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Free cancellation

In case of impediment ? Don't worry, you can cancel your online appointment at any time and let the vet know in a matter of seconds. It's free !

Thomas W. a pris rdv

Thomas W. and Chow Chow (Dog)

Online appointments: a free service.

Making an online appointment with Vetolib is totally free !

Sam P. a pris rdv

Sam P. and Yorkshire (Dog)

Totalement gratuitRdv en ligne gratuit

Make an online appointment 24/7

No more waiting at the phone, thanks to the online appointment system you can make an appointment whenever you please !

Florian P. a pris rdv

Florian P. and Persan (Cat)

Find a trusted veterinarian: check the verified ratings

Vetolib is the leading online appointment platform among vets, with a verified rating system, given by pet owners who used Vetolib.

Romain M. a pris rdv

Romain M. and Bouledogue Français (Dog)

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